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Updated TRA presentation

Updated TRA presentationSimply click on the picture to open the presentation.

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Introduction to TRA (The Right Approach to Weight Management)

Here are some information about the basic things about fat and our weight and the different effects these have on our health and the quality of our life.


TRA Weight Management Program

Here are some information about the TRA Weight Management Program.

Please click on the image below to open the slideshow.


Pharmanex Products Specifics

The last, but definitely, definitely, not the least of the slides featured in the aforementioned CD.  This one contains a summary of the basic info and specifics you need about some of your favorite Pharmanex products. Simply click the picture below or right click-open link in new window, whichever your prefer.


Basic Info: IgG Boost

This is the 3rd set of slides from the aforementioned CD.  This features IgG Boost.  To know more about IgG Boost, simply click on the picture below or as I have previously stated(in all my other posts, like a broken record), ‘right click-open link in new window’ to view the slides while keeping this page active.


ProBio PCC

This is the second set of slides from the CD in the previous blog entry.  This contains vital information about ProBio.

Click on the picture to view the slides. or right click-open link in new window to keep this current page active.


TRA: The Right Approach to losing weight

I’d consider it a blessing that the next CD in my sorting list actually contained not 1, not 2, but 4 sets of slides each about Pharmanex products.  This first one I’m posting is about TRA, which stands for The Right Approach… to what? you may ask.  As the title implies, to losing weight. Click the picture below to activate the slideshow.

(to keep this page active while you view the slides, you may simply “right click-open link in new window”)