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Death in His Grave

Another amazing song by John Mark McMillan

Though the Earth Cried out for blood
Satisfied her hunger was
Her billows calmed on raging seas
for the souls on men she craved

Sun and moon from balcony
Turned their head in disbelief
Their precious Love would taste the sting
disfigured and disdained

On Friday a thief
On Sunday a King
Laid down in grief
But awoke with keys
Of Hell on that day
The first born of the slain
The Man Jesus Christ
Laid death in his grave

So three days in darkness slept
The Morning Sun of righteousness
But rose to shame the throes of death
And over turn his rule

Now daughters and the sons of men
Would pay not their dues again
The debt of blood they owed was rent
When the day rolled a new

On Friday a thief
On Sunday a King
Laid down in grief
But awoke holding keys
To Hell on that day
The first born of the slain
The Man Jesus Christ
Laid death in his grave

On Friday a thief
On Sunday a King
Laid down in grief
But awoke with keys
Of Hell on that day
The first born of the slain
The Man Jesus Christ
Laid death in his grave

He has cheated
Hell and seated
Us above the fall
In desperate places
He paid our wages
One time once and for all

Rap portion lyrics:
Caught by the fall, lost in the wind
I was fully clothed, covered in my sin
soul was just a wound, Will this ever mend?
Thoughts in the womb, This is just the end
this is just the end

Quickly losing sight, Didn’t see the light
Never saw the day, all I saw was night
Man, I was blind, heard this voice inside
open up your eyes, I saw the Son rise
He rose with the keys to that dreadful place
Death hit his knees, you should’ve seen his face
Never to return, we’ll never see his face
The man Jesus Christ gladly took our place
The wages of our sin, yes, the cost was great
Stumbling to death to standing firm in grace
And now, I’m alive! Yes, I’m alive
and what I feel inside is something I can’t hide
My hate drove the nails, My pride pierced His side
On the cross before He died,
looked the thief right in the eyes
He said, “you will be in Paradise tonight,
Son, you will be in Paradise tonight”
God the Father and the Son He gave put
Death in his grave!!

Here’s a link to John Mark McMillan’s blog giving a line by line commentary on this song.

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How He Loves

How He Loves is a song by independent artist John Mark McMillan for his second studio album, The Song Inside the Sound of Breaking Down. The song was successful despite the album’s independent release, and has been covered by several well-known artists within the Christian music industry (David Crowder Band, Kim Walker, Todd Agnew, New Breed, Flyleaf, The Glorious Unseen). The song has sentimental meaning for McMillan, who wrote it following the death of a dear friend who, during a church staff meeting, prayed out loud “If it would shake the youth of a nation, I will give my life today.” McMillan was awakened in the middle of the same night by a phone call; the friend had been killed in a car crash.[1] He wrote How He Loves the next morning as,”A celebration of a God who would want, to hang with us…despite who we are”. [2] The song took more than a year to surface in the Christian mainstream, but has gone on to become a commonly played worship song on Christian radio and throughout church organizations. – Wikipedia

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Body Galvanic

Amazing Results of the Body Galvanic.  Click on the picture to see more.

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God Notices by Charles R. Swindoll

God Notices
 by Charles R. Swindoll

Read Esther 6:1–14

Never fails, does it? Things are not as they seem. And about the time you think they cannot get worse, they do. This was certainly true for Mordecai at a pivotal point in the story of Esther.

When all seems lost, it isn’t. Mordecai could have despaired at the situation in Persia. The king was a Gentile. He had no interest in the Jews. Furthermore his closest confidant was Haman, who shamelessly hated the Jews. Esther was in the palace, but when the king found out she was a Jew, her life might be over in an instant. When all seems lost, it isn’t.

When no one seems to notice, they do. Remember Mordecai’s courageous decision earlier when he heard of a conspiracy between two of the doorkeepers of the palace, who were plotting to kill the king? When Mordecai heard of that conspiracy, he told his adopted daughter Esther about it. And she, being the queen, alerted the king.

Esther had told the king that the information had come from Mordecai, yet no one ever rewarded him for his great act. It seemed as though no one noticed or remembered. So Mordecai went on living his life unnoticed, unrewarded, and unappreciated—until this pivotal night.

I love the first three words of 6:1, “During that night.” That’s the way it is with God. At the eleventh hour, He steps in and does the unexpected. When no one seems to notice and no one seems to care, He notices and He cares “during that night.”

Learn a lesson from Mordecai today, will you? Through all that happens to him, Mordecai never becomes a man of vengeance. He never tries to get back at Haman, even when he has the opportunity, even when he has Haman in a very vulnerable spot. He doesn’t kick him in the face when he has a chance to. He doesn’t even speak against the man. Let me challenge you to guard your heart as Mordecai did.


For God is not unjust so as to forget your work and the love which you have shown toward His name, in having ministered and in still ministering to the saints. (Hebrews 6:10)

I love those words, “God is not unjust so as to forget.” When no one else notices, mark it down, God notices. When no one else remembers, God records it so it won’t be forgotten.


Excerpted from Charles R. Swindoll, Great Days with the Great Lives (Nashville: W Publishing Group, 2005). Copyright © 2005 by Charles R. Swindoll, Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission

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Updated TRA presentation

Updated TRA presentationSimply click on the picture to open the presentation.

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A Video That Could Save Your Life – Please watch…

Here’s a link to a Jamie Oliver feature about our food, diet, lifestyle and how much it is actually affecting not only our health but even our quality of living.

It’s quite long since it’s a whole show but for your sake and also your family’s, please watch the video.