Basic Info: Marine Omega

01 Mar

About middle of last year, I noticed that I often found it hard to focus on whatever job i was working on.  A friend enlightened me to consider the possibility that I may have adult ADD.  I took an online test, and got a high score.  This means I have pretty strong tendencies for ADD.  The online test, however, disclaims accurate diagnosis of ADD so I’m not about to start taking medication simply because I seem to score high on ADD tendencies. I, however, became more conscious of my tendencies and sought ways to keep them under control.  Towards the end of last year, I attended a health training and found out that the good omega, omega 3, can help keep ADD tendencies at bay.  So at the beginning of this month, I decided to take Marine Omega(a supplement, not medication), which has a very good level of the best quality omega 3, from krill fish.  I am still observing the effects, I’ll keep posting about it.  But for those who want to know more about Marine omega and other benefits one can get from it, below is a link to a few training slides.

May I again suggest “right clicking” the picture and choose “open link in a new tab” to keep this page active while you view the slides.  Thank you!


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